An average house in Sydney has lost 20k in value since Christmas Eve. Nearly 200k since the peak last year

Austin G Mackell
1 min readFeb 6


Today bucked the trend with a gain of about $260.

In the totally arbitrary period since my last update (on 23 December 2022), house prices in sydney have fallen about $20,869, according to data from CoreLogic. This brings the total falls since the peak to about $195,000, or 13.98%. That’s an average of $547 per day over the last 358 days — since the peak on 13 Feb 2022, an anniversary we are quickly approaching.

Today however, was one of just two days since my last update to see a positive day on day change, gaining $259.24 since yesterday.

Regular readers of this blog (all six of you, or whatever) may be interested to know that the methods used (by me) to calculate these daily changes have been updated. The diagram below shows how the old and new methods differ:

For more detail on how the data for for these reports is sourced and handled, check out the video bibliography below: