I am co-founder and CEO of a company called Write In Stone that has spent the last two years working on an answer to the question:

“What kind of transparency should we ask of organizations involved in production or delivery of news?”.

Our answer has taken the form of a website /app called the Stone Transparency System which captures the research process for any story as a series of videos, including screen capture with webcam commentary (think Twitch for journalists) then creates an embeddable widget totalling the time spent, which is embedded with the news deliverable. In the last week we have quietly entered a kind of open beta testing phase. Check out our website www.writeinstone.com for a promo video, example story, download and login! Or hit me up with questions here or on austin@writeinstone.com.

Recovering journo. Still at war with bullshit. Cofounder of the Stone research transparency system. www.writeinstone.com

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