What’s that book called? Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics.

White women make up nearly half of Trumps voters, and the TINY number of minority voters hes got gets you just over half. So yeah, you can swing this, just. However counting a different way, putting white men and women in one category you would see that they make up a *vast* majority of his base. His support is overwhelmingly, disproportionately white. Black people, Latinos, and poor people, chose Clinton in large numbers. In fact America chose Clinton by a few million votes. Annoying entitled white guys with an unarticulated sense of general grievance, who live in states made relevant by the arcane electoral college, are not the great subaltern America, finally rising from ignominy. Trump ran and won on racism and aggressive, weaponized stupidity.

Recovering journo. Still at war with bullshit. Cofounder of the Stone research transparency system. www.writeinstone.com

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